Soup homemade & served with bread.

Tomato soep with a hint of cream.€ 4,75
Vegetable soup with balls!€ 4,75
Spring onion soup with smoked salmon.€ 5,75

Sandwiches pistolet, cadet or toasted bread.

Cheese or ham or boiled egg
€ 3,00
With lettuce, dressing, ham, cheese, cucumber, tomato and egg.
€ 4,50
With lettuce, tomato, mozzarella, pesto and nuts.
€ 5,00
With lettuce, tuna salad, tomato and egg.
€ 5,00
With fried egg, ham and cheese.
€ 5,00
With lettuce, carpaccio, truffle mayo and Parmesan cheese.
€ 6,50
Piri piri
With lettuce, fried chicken, mushrooms, onion and garlic.
€ 6,50
Chicken satay
With lettuce, satay sauce, fried chicken and crispy onion.
€ 6,50
Forno (from the oven)
With chili sauce, ham, cheese, mushrooms and onion.
€ 6,50
Warm ham
With baked ham, cucumber, cocktail sauce and egg.
€ 6,50

On bread brown or white bread.

Chucker-out or omelette
3 fried eggs on bread with ham and cheese.
€ 7,50
Twelve hours
2 fried eggs on bread & a croquette.
€ 8,50
Croquettes on bread
2 croquettes on primeval bread.
€ 6,00

From the grill brown or white bread.

Tasty sandwich
Classic sandwich with cheese and ham.
€ 5,00
Warm brie
With brie, honey, tomato pesto and spring onion.
€ 6,50
Vegan style
With grilled vegetables, tomato spread and BBQ sauce.
€ 5,50

Freaky Loaded Fries

Chicken satay
Fries, satay sauce, chicken pieces and crispy onion.
€ 7,00
Fries, bacon, onion and cheddar cheese sauce.
€ 7,00
Pulled pork
Fries, pulled pork, BBQ sauce and mayo.
€ 7,00
Fries, truffle mayo, Parmesan cheese and arugula.
€ 7,00


Classic Burger 100% beef.
Tomato, onion, cheese, bbq sauce and bacon.
€ 7,50
Italian Burger 100% beef.
Tomato, tapenade, cheese and truffle mayo.
€ 7,50
Vegan Burger
Seasoned falafel with grilled vegetables or brie.
€ 7,50
Crispy chicken
Crispy chicken burger with chili sauce, mayo and cucumber.
€ 7,50

Salad with bread and spreads.

With tuna, cucumber, tomato, onion, capers, egg, dressing and olives.
€ 9,50
Warm chicken
With fried chicken & pineapple, cucumber and dressing.
€ 9,50
With carpaccio, truffle mayo, Parmesan cheese and nuts.
€ 9,50
Warm brie
With baked brie, cucumber and blueberry compote.
€ 9,50


Kids surprise
Fries with croquette/frikandel/chicken nuggets, apple sauce and a surprise.
€ 5,75
Pancake natural
To decorate yourself.
€ 5,75
Kids sandwich
White bread with cheese and ham & sauce.
€ 3,00
Kids burger menu
Fries and a hamburger sandwich with mayo & ketchup.
€ 5,75

From the deep fryer

Fries€ 2,50
Fries special€ 3,50
Fries satay sauce€ 3,50
Frikandel€ 2,25
Halal frikandel€ 2,25
Vegetarian frikandel € 2,25
Croquette€ 2,25
Cheese soufflĂ© € 2,75
Mexicano€ 3,00
Bamischijf€ 2,75
Kipkorn€ 2,75
Sauces (mayo/ curry/ ketchup)€ 0,50
Extra sandwich€ 0,75

Allergies or Special Requests?

Please inform the service beforehand.
We may then be able to adjust your dish in consultation with the kitchen.


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